Make Your Independent Cinema More Wheelchair-Friendly

When running an independent cinema, you want to make sure that all of your guests have the best possible experience - including those who use wheelchairs. Making your cinema fully accessible will show customers that they are valued, result in good reviews, and could lead to more business in the future. A cinema without proper wheelchair access is likely to alienate customers and attract criticism – it could even go against local regulations.

Body Corporate Management Services: 3 Things They Can Do To Improve Dispute Resolutions Between Tenants

More and more Australians are opting out of owning their own home with white picket fences and choosing to live in high-rise apartment towers. Although high-rise apartments are able to provide a very affordable quality of living, neighbours are more likely to butt heads, as they reside within the same building and often within close quarters. Building owners are usually responsible for handling any disputes or complaints that may arise; however, dispute resolution is often time-consuming and complicated.

Tips and Tricks to Stop Losing Your Car Keys

If you have a habit of losing your car keys, it can get frustrating when you are constantly calling locksmiths to have your keys cut again. While they often show up on time and get you new sets of keys in little time, it isn't something you want to have to keep repeating. Here are some tips for keeping your keys where you know they will be each and every time.

Five Tips to Keep in Mind If Designing a Tiny House for a Pontoon

The tiny house movement is storming the world, and your tiny house doesn't necessarily have to move over land. Rather, it can float on the waves as well. Wondering what you should consider if you are building a tiny house on a pontoon boat? Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind as you put together your design: 1. Integrate a deck. As you are floating on the water, you want to be able to look out over the waves, and so that you don't have to rely exclusively on the windows in your tiny house, consider designating some of the area on your pontoon boat as a lookout deck.

Tips For Getting a Prospective Marriage Visa

When you are engaged to someone who is a citizen of Australia, you might qualify for a prospective marriage visa. This is a type of partner visa that allows you to live in Australia due to your marriage to another citizen. Here are some tips for applying for this type of visa. Show That You Have Intentions of Living With Your Fiance One of the main requirements of the prospective marriage visa, also called a fiancé visa, is that you are living with your fiancé.