Tips For Getting a Prospective Marriage Visa

When you are engaged to someone who is a citizen of Australia, you might qualify for a prospective marriage visa. This is a type of partner visa that allows you to live in Australia due to your marriage to another citizen. Here are some tips for applying for this type of visa.

Show That You Have Intentions of Living With Your Fiance

One of the main requirements of the prospective marriage visa, also called a fiancé visa, is that you are living with your fiancé. Even in an arranged marriage, you must have met them and are either living with them now or have plans to live with them shortly after getting married. You will need to provide documentation showing your intent to move in together, whether that be a mortgage loan you applied for together or preparations of you moving from your current home to your fiance's home after the wedding ceremony.

Meet the Health and Character Requirements

To get a prospective marriage visa, you also need to meet certain requirements related to your health and character. The character requirements look for things such as a criminal record, previous immigration detention, or a history of misconduct. A thorough background screening is conducted on all visa applicants to look for your character and ensure you are a good fit for Australia. Your health is also important, ensuring you don't have any diseases that could pose a health risk to the citizens and residents of Australia. You will need to go to a verified health clinic to run a series of tests.

Complete the Application in Full

Don't rush through the application process. It can be more difficult to re-apply, so try to get it right the first time. Gather all the required documents and be honest on the application. Your sponsor, who is your fiancé, will also need to complete their own application for your visa. You may want to consult a migration consultant or lawyer who can help you prepare the required paperwork. Some documents you will need to provide include photographs and a passport, evidence that you have met your fiancé and that you are indeed engaged, your birth certificate, and a letter showing you have passed all background and police checks.

Prove Your Intent to Marry

A prospective marriage visa is a temporary visa, so you have to get married within a certain length of time. When applying for the visa, you need to show your intent to marry, whether with an official notice for the immigration office or by showing your wedding preparations.

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