Tips and Tricks to Stop Losing Your Car Keys

If you have a habit of losing your car keys, it can get frustrating when you are constantly calling locksmiths to have your keys cut again. While they often show up on time and get you new sets of keys in little time, it isn't something you want to have to keep repeating. Here are some tips for keeping your keys where you know they will be each and every time.

Choose One Place Where You Keep Your Keys

This might seem obvious, but many people tend to put their keys in all different places. If you put your car or house keys in your purse one day, then the kitchen counter the next day, it is going to be very hard to keep track of them. Try to make a habit of always putting them in one place depending on where you are, and stick with it each and every time. In your home, set either a hook on the wall just inside the front door or a dish for your keys, putting your keys there immediately after walking in the door. Have something similar in your office, so you don't lose keys there either.

Use a Key Finder Gadget

This is a great option when you have a hard time using that reliable location to keep your keys and you tend to lose them in random spots around your house. The key finder gadget connects a gadget to your house or car keys. When you are running late in the morning and can't find your keys anywhere, you press the button on the gadget, which will then let out beeps to show you the location of the keys. This is an easy way to find them whether you accidentally put them in the bathroom or one of your kids was playing with them.

Help Your Kids Avoid Losing Their Keys

You might find that it is your kids or teens that have a tendency to lose their house keys. There are a few methods that work very well with kids. The first method to try using is attach your kids' house keys to a lanyard. The lanyard keychain is long and easy to see just about anywhere. Use a bright-coloured pattern to make it even easier to find. They can connect the lanyard to their backpack, put it around their neck, or in their pocket, and it will be easy to find. Another option is to use a retractable keychain connected to their pants or backpack so they don't even remove the keychain to unlock the door.

Use Large and Obnoxious Keychains

Sometimes you simply can't find your keys because they are small and use inconspicuous keychains. This makes it easy to misplace them just about anywhere. Instead of using these, choose large, bright, fluffy, and obnoxious keychains. While they aren't as easy to put in your purse or pocket, they are much easier to find.