Body Corporate Management Services: 3 Things They Can Do To Improve Dispute Resolutions Between Tenants

More and more Australians are opting out of owning their own home with white picket fences and choosing to live in high-rise apartment towers. Although high-rise apartments are able to provide a very affordable quality of living, neighbours are more likely to butt heads, as they reside within the same building and often within close quarters. Building owners are usually responsible for handling any disputes or complaints that may arise; however, dispute resolution is often time-consuming and complicated. Instead of handling these affairs yourself, you'll have a much easier time if you rely on body corporate management services. This article will look at 3 things they can do to help.

Provide Third-Party, Unbiased Reports

Regardless of whether you are close friends or familiar with the tenants in your building, it's hard to not be biased towards one party if you have history with them. For example, if one of your tenants have always been reliable, you might be more inclined to believe their words against another tenant that just moved in. This is hardly fair. To get a new perspective, hire body corporate management services to handle dispute claims.

As the representatives handling these affairs often have no prior history with the tenants, they are able to offer unbiased reports that accurately portray what happened. They can investigate thoroughly and give you detailed updates as they go.

Handle Interactions with Tenants

Handling interactions amongst and between tenants can be difficult. You simply might not have enough time in the day to respond to all complaints that are made. You don't want your tenants to feel unheard or uncared for, so let body corporate management services handle these claims. These services will not only deal with handling disputes when they are first filed, but will also contact tenants as they see fit in a professional manner. You won't have to deal with any unnecessary headaches.

Keep Track of Disputes and Progresses on Files

For legal issues, you might need to keep track of all the disputes that have been filed, as you might need it in court at a later time or date. You also need to keep track of how each dispute is coming along. Keep in mind that it takes some time for both parties to respond to each other. While handling just one complaint may seem easy, having to handle and keep track of the progress of numerous complaints can be difficult.  By hiring a body corporate management service, you can sit aside and view the progress of each file as it is updated on the software that is provided to you.


Don't handle the logistics or the linguistics of disputes amongst tenants. You'll easily waste a lot of time handling the paperwork involved and investigating the situation. You should highly consider looking into the dispute resolution services that are included in most body corporate management services. By delegating these delicate affairs to professionals, you'll be able to avoid tedious matters that would otherwise occupy your entire day and prevent you from doing anything else.