Tips and Tricks to Stop Losing Your Car Keys

If you have a habit of losing your car keys, it can get frustrating when you are constantly calling locksmiths to have your keys cut again. While they often show up on time and get you new sets of keys in little time, it isn't something you want to have to keep repeating. Here are some tips for keeping your keys where you know they will be each and every time.

Five Tips to Keep in Mind If Designing a Tiny House for a Pontoon

The tiny house movement is storming the world, and your tiny house doesn't necessarily have to move over land. Rather, it can float on the waves as well. Wondering what you should consider if you are building a tiny house on a pontoon boat? Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind as you put together your design: 1. Integrate a deck. As you are floating on the water, you want to be able to look out over the waves, and so that you don't have to rely exclusively on the windows in your tiny house, consider designating some of the area on your pontoon boat as a lookout deck.

Tips For Getting a Prospective Marriage Visa

When you are engaged to someone who is a citizen of Australia, you might qualify for a prospective marriage visa. This is a type of partner visa that allows you to live in Australia due to your marriage to another citizen. Here are some tips for applying for this type of visa. Show That You Have Intentions of Living With Your Fiance One of the main requirements of the prospective marriage visa, also called a fiancé visa, is that you are living with your fiancé.

4 Common Issues with Pontoon Boats and How to Prevent Them

Pontoon boats are extremely spacious and ideal for fishing, tubing and just enjoying the water. Also, unlike the typical fiberglass runabout, the aluminum construction of the pontoon boat and its long hull form help to set it apart in regard to maintenance and handling on the water. However, there are certain maintenance and safety issues that owners should be aware of to keep their pontoon in top notch working condition.

How to Control the Condensation in Your Shipping Container Turned-Living-Space

If you are converting an old shipping container into a living space, you want to make it as comfortable as possible, and that includes reducing the amount of condensation that occurs in your container. Keeping condensation levels low makes the interior of the container feel less humid, and it also protects your possessions from unwanted moisture. Here are some tips to help:  1. Focus on ventilation. Condensation occurs when humid air hits a cool surface and causes water droplets to form there.