How to prevent mould growth in your home

Exposure to mould in the home is a bad thing for a number of reasons. It is particularly associated with respiratory problems and it can cause or exacerbate asthma, chest tightness, coughing, and sinus congestion. As well as this, it can cause headaches and skin irritation. It can be hard to avoid mould growth in the home because this fungus grows easily in warm and moist conditions. This means that every time you have a shower, mould will want to grow afterwards in the moist environment of your bathroom.

3 stellar choices for your patio decking

Creating a patio space in your back garden is the very best of way of connecting the indoors with the outdoors. On a garden patio, you can enjoy being outside, your nose can get tingly from the smells of the plants growing, and your lungs can fill up with fresh air, but you won't exactly be roughing it – on a patio you can sit in the comfort of a deck chair and eat a delicious meal at an outdoor dining table.

How Truck Mounted Attenuators and Movable Barriers Keep Projects Moving Safely

As a construction site manager, it's your duty to ensure construction is completed as safely and quickly as possible with minimal disruption to traffic. Case study after case study shows that truck mounted attenuators along with other moveable barriers may be the key to achieving these essential road construction goals. Wondering how a truck mounted attenuator coupled with moveable barriers can help on your job site? Here is a look at some of the top ways:

How to make your new build home environmentally friendly

Designing and building your own home from scratch is a great privilege. Instead of fitting your life into somebody else's design, you can create a space that works for you in every conceivable way. But with privilege comes responsibility. Climate change is the most pressing issue in the world today, and when you build a new house, you can either make the choice to be part of the solution or part of the problem.