Document Storage And Paper Fleas: Advice For Office Managers

While many organisations now focus on paperless and digital working, a lot of Australian businesses must still hold on to archived paper records. For example, many financial institutions store old paper documents because it is too time-consuming and expensive to convert those documents to an electronic format. However, these paper records can create problems for people working in the office. Learn more about paper mites and fleas, and find out what you need to do to control the problem.

Beyond the Pressure Rating: 6 Essential Features You Need for a Powerful Pressure Washer

If you are hiring a pressure washer to clean something around the home or the office, don't just look at the pressure rating on the machine. Instead, if you want a lot of power, look at the machine's other features as well. To blast away grime, dirt and debris, look for these essential power-packing features: 1. Gas-powered motor When hiring a pressure washer, you have a choice between gas- and electric-powered machines.

Get More Life from Your Hot Water Tank with a Magnesium Anode Replacement

A little known factor that determines how long your water heater lives or dies depends on the condition of its magnesium anode. This component is the vital key to the rust protection of the tank. You can easily check the state of your anode and get many more years of service from your heater by making a simple replacement. Follow this guide to learn more about the hidden world of magnesium anodes and how to go about checking and replacing them.

Hot, Cranky Children? Five Tips For Advocating For Air Conditioning In Your Child's School

Across Australia, children are sweltering in classrooms with no air conditioning. The government draws boundaries based on meteorological data that determine which schools need air conditioning and which do not. Fortunately, in some cases, the government has rescinded its harsh policies and allowed many schools outside of AC-zones to install air conditioners If your child is attending a school in an AC-free zone, and you think they need access to cooling, here are several ways to advocate for that shift and deal with the "

What Is The Right Procurement Software For Your Clothing Business?

As a clothing and fashion business manager, skilful use of IT can help you automate some of your most time consuming processes. Procurement software should be top of your list as a great tool for streamlining the administration process. However, as there are so many confusing program options and different characteristics to consider, here are some of the features to look for when evaluating suitable procurement software for your clothing business.